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Justin Summers

Homechase is owned and run by Justin Summers, who inherited his passion for property from his award winning architect father. In the 1980s Justin began buying, renovating, and selling property for profit in London. Friends and colleagues asked for the secrets of his success, so he began helping them to do the same. Twenty years ago Justin relocated his young family to Hove, and he has been assisting like-minded people move to Sussex ever since.

We call ourselves property finders. Some refer to us as buyers agents or property sourcers. Once we have discussed your requirements our extensive network of industry contacts provides access to off market, pre market, and on market properties, be it for owner occupation or investment. We conduct the initial viewings to save you time, money, and disappointment. We’ll then arrange private viewings, virtual and/or in person, for you to see the more likely properties with us and help you to make an informed decision. Justin has a passion for negotiating and revels in obtaining the best possible price for his clients. (If you have already found a property we can provide a negotiation only service.) We then see the whole process through to completion.

We can organise tenants and provide a full management service if required. We have also started building a small portfolio of serviced accommodation for short-term rental in central Brighton. Contact us if you own a suitable property that you might like to rent to Homechase for this purpose. We can guarantee your rent for up to five years.

Step By Step

  1. Homechase sources all types of residential property for owner occupation or investment. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
  2. When you are happy to proceed you will sign our registration form and pay a £400 registration fee.  Homechase is then retained as your sole search agency.
  3. Homechase begins the search for your new property, at which point you will be arranging finances and instructing a solicitor (we can help with this).  If you have a property to sell it should be on the market by now.
  4. Homechase visits all the properties that could satisfy your requirements.  Then we will take you on a private tour of the best ones.  This process continues until we find the right property for you, up to a maximum of six months.
  5. We agree with you on an offer to put forward for your chosen property.  Homechase will happily negotiate on your behalf.  We can usually more than justify our fee at this point alone.
  6. Homechase can oversee all stages of the transaction (dealing with solicitors, lenders, estate agents, vendors, etc.) up to exchange of contracts, when our fee is payable: 1% of the purchase price or 10% of the difference between the original asking price and the final purchase price, whichever is higher, subject to a minimum of £2,000, less the registration fee.
  7. Homechase also offers additional follow up services.  We can help with removals and storage, changing over utilities, gardening and landscaping, renovations and building work, and cleaning.  We can organise tenants and tenancy agreements, short-term holiday lets, and a full management service.


You should be ready to move and starting to look seriously.  If you have a property to sell it should be on the market, ideally already under offer.  You should have a clear idea of your preferred location and the type of property you want.  You will probably need to instruct a solicitor and you may to arrange a mortgage.  Homechase can help organise all of this.

Contact us by phone or email to discuss your requirements.  Then complete our registration form and pay the £400 registration fee.

It proves to us, and the agents, developers, and owners we contact on your behalf, that you are serious.  This assists us in sourcing off market and pre market properties.  It also helps cover some of our initial expenses.  The £400 is subtracted from your final fee on exchange of contracts.

No.  Estate agents work for, and are paid by, the vendor rather than the buyer.  They only sell and we only buy.

Estate agents treat us as fellow agents, which gives us the inside track to discover a vendor’s bottom line. An objective and unemotional approach, and decades of experience, enable us to secure the best possible price for our clients.

When we source property for owner occupation or investment we typically oversee the whole property buying process through to completion. However we can provide a negotiating only service it you have already found the property that you want to buy.

Homechase can also help with removals and storage, cleaning, changing over utilities, renovations, building work, decorating, gardening and landscaping, or just having someone on site.

Homechase offer a full management service for investment properties.

We have recently begun building a small portfolio of serviced accommodation properties in central Brighton. Please contact us if you have a property that you might like to rent to us. Typically we can guarantee your rent for a three to five year period.

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